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  • First release: ~ 13 years ago (31-May-2011 12:33 PM)
  • Last update: ~ 6 months ago (24-Jan-2024 12:00 AM)
  • Latest version: 11.0.46 Beta 17.74 MB
  • License: Open Source (FOSS) for non-commercial websites *
  • Commercial license is required for non-personal websites!
  • * Some parts may be subject to individual licensing.
  • GitHub: /PHPVibe/PHPVibe

Crafted for webmasters, performers, and video enthusiasts!

PHPVibe, a specialized content management system (CMS), is crafted for the efficient management and dissemination of multimedia content, particularly videos. Tailored for individuals, businesses, or organizations seeking to establish an online presence in the dynamic video content space, PHPVibe offers an array of key features and functionalities.

Detailed Key Features:

  1. Video Sharing:

    PHPVibe adeptly manages all aspects of video handling, including upload, multiple-quality options, ffmpeg commands for video conversion, processing, and thumbnail extraction, all without requiring coding edits.

  2. Youtube Support and Import (Now as a plugin):

    Harnessing the power of YouTube for content building, PHPVibe includes a multi-video YouTube importer, facilitating video imports by search, playlist, or channel.

  3. Image Sharing:

    Capitalizing on the popularity of picture sharing, PHPVibe enables users to upload and share images, catering to the growing market influenced by platforms like Instagram, WeHeartIt, and Pinterest.

  4. Music Component:

    Dedicated to audio content, PHPVibe incorporates a space for MP3 and SoundCloud songs, complete with separate uploads, lists, and enhanced user interactions.

  5. Premium Accounts:

    Users can create distinct account levels, including paid access for premium members, enabling revenue generation and offering an ad-free experience.

  6. Verified Badges:

    Assign creative badges to verified, premium, or any user group, enhancing the visual distinction and credibility of user profiles.

  7. Lists and Filters:

    Enhance user experience with lists and filters across channels, videos, music, images, and user activity, simplifying content discovery.


    Benefit from Ajaxed and infinite scroll-powered comments, complete with an emoji inserter. Additionally, YouTube comments seamlessly integrate to enhance user engagement.

  9. Design and User Experience:

    PHPVibe adopts the design guidelines of the new YouTube, providing users with a familiar interface for easy navigation and reduced bounce rates.

  10. Articles and Pages:

    Beyond multimedia, PHPVibe supports text content with features for articles and pages, accommodating blog-style content and essential legal pages.

  11. Visitor Engagement and Entertaining:

    Engage the audience with subscription, follow, like, dislike, activity feeds, messaging, and embedding features, fostering a sense of community.

  12. Top Players:

    Choose from top video players, ensuring a seamless video playback experience for users.

  13. Advertising Ready:

    PHPVibe supports multiple types of ads, from VibeJs�s VAST ads to classic in-site and over-video ads, offering versatility and high conversion rates.

  14. Social Logins:

    Enable users to register and login easily using their Facebook or Google credentials, streamlining the onboarding process.

  15. SEO and SEF Ready:

    Take control of the website's SEO with customizable titles and permalinks, ensuring links are search engine and sharing-friendly.

  16. Multi-Language Support:

    Manage languages effortlessly with options for creating, editing, and importing languages, making them accessible for global audiences.

  17. Sharing:

    Facilitate content sharing on social networks or embedding on other websites, expanding the reach of multimedia content.

  18. Open Source:

    PHPVibe is open source, allowing users to modify and customize their websites without restrictions.

  19. Experience and Reliability:

    With a history dating back to ZubeeTube in 2008, followed by PHPVibe in 2010, and the latest iteration, MediaVibe in 2018, PHPVibe brings extensive experience in video platforms, ensuring continual testing and improvement for reliability over the years.

PHPVibe (Video Management CMS) Features Explained:

Video Upload:

Streamlining the video upload process, PHPVibe supports all major video formats. Users can choose between ffmpeg conversion for comprehensive format support or opt for web-playable formats without ffmpeg.

FFMPEG Commands Editor:

Eliminating the need for manual code editing, PHPVibe's FFMPEG commands editor allows users to enable qualities and set custom ffmpeg video conversion commands directly from the admin panel.

Video Qualities:

User-friendly video quality settings, coupled with on-demand switchability, ensure smooth playback across various internet connections, enhancing the deliverability of videos.

Video Embedding:

Facilitating easy content sharing, PHPVibe supports video embedding from popular websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Dailymotion, pre-populating details for most sources.

(Now available as a plugin) Youtube Importer:

Leveraging the YouTube API v3, PHPVibe included (before v11) a mass video importer, simplifying the process of importing and sharing videos from YouTube.

Major Video Players:

PHPVibe supports leading video players like JwPlayer, VideoJs, Flowplayer, and jPlayer, offering versatile playback options to cater to diverse user preferences. (Important: Due to player's licensing some versions may have dropped some players!)

Channel/User Profile:

Supporting user profiles with features such as messaging, image uploads with gallery options, comments, likes, and playlists.

Music Upload and Services:

PHPVibe incorporates a comprehensive music platform with support for MP3 uploads, SoundCloud integration, music lists, filters, comments, likes, and playlists.

Internal Activity Tracking:

PHPVibe features an internal activity tracking system, providing users with insights into ongoing community activities and shared content.

User Subscriptions:

Allowing users to subscribe to channels or profiles fosters community engagement and creates a personalized content experience.

Facebook & Google Logins:

Simplifying user registration and login processes, PHPVibe supports social logins through Facebook and Google.

Social Sharing of Media:

Facilitating easy social sharing of multimedia content extends the reach of user-generated videos and images.

Related Multimedia:

Enhance content discoverability with related multimedia suggestions, encouraging users to explore more within the platform.

Ads. Advertisement System:

Monetize the platform with an advertisement system supporting banners, HTML, and JavaScript codes, including compatibility with Google AdSense and other ad networks.

Video Ads:

PHPVibe supports various video ad formats, including pre-roll, post-roll, over-video ads, and in-video ads (VAST, IMA), providing diverse monetization options.

Much More:

PHPVibe boasts additional features and functionalities beyond the listed ones, ensuring a comprehensive and versatile multimedia content management experience.

PHPVibe Applications:

Video Sharing Platform:

Tailored for the creation of video-sharing websites, PHPVibe empowers users to upload, share, and view videos on various topics.

Online Video Community:

Ideal for community-driven websites where users can engage in discussions, comment on videos, and build connections based on shared interests.

Educational Video Platform:

Suitable for developing a platform for educational content, allowing instructors to upload instructional videos for students to access and interact with.

Niche Content Platform:

Perfect for building a website focused on a specific niche or industry, such as technology, gaming, fitness, or cooking.

Corporate Video Portal:

Use PHPVibe to create an internal video portal for businesses or organizations, serving purposes such as training videos, internal communications, or sharing company events.

Podcasting Platform:

While designed for video content, PHPVibe can be used to create a platform for hosting and sharing audio content, such as podcasts.

Portfolio Showcase:

Use PHPVibe to showcase portfolios through videos, catering to content creators, artists, videographers, filmmakers, or video editors.

Entertainment News Site:

Ideal for creating a website that delivers entertainment news through video content, keeping users updated on the latest trends and events.

Review and Tutorial Platform:

Build a platform where users can share reviews, opinions, and tutorials through video content across various categories.

Monetized Video Platform:

Leverage PHPVibe's monetization features to create a platform where content creators can earn revenue through advertising, subscriptions, or other monetization models.

When utilizing PHPVibe, tailor the platform to the specific needs of your target audience, considering the niche, features, and user interactions. Stay updated with the latest releases and features of PHPVibe to maximize its capabilities and create a vibrant multimedia content management experience.


VibeJs is our VideoJs based player renowned for its inclusion of free video ads, setting it apart as a unique offering in the market. While it initially faced a challenge with its overly simplistic design, we addressed this issue by revamping VibeJs's CSS styling to align with modern trends. Moreover, we implemented key enhancements to elevate its performance and user experience:

  1. Modern Design:

    We have revamped VibeJs's design by incorporating contemporary trends, ensuring a visually appealing and intuitive user interface.

  2. Video Quality Switcher:

    VibeJs now features a video quality switcher, empowering users to easily toggle between different video qualities. This functionality serves to accommodate preferences such as minimizing mobile data consumption or enjoying videos in full HD.

  3. Device Compatibility:

    Recognizing the evolving landscape of digital consumption, VibeJs is now seamlessly responsive across all devices. Whether accessed on desktop, mobile, or any other device, users can enjoy a consistent and optimized viewing experience.

  4. YouTube Support:

    VibeJs extends its capabilities by supporting YouTube videos, providing users with the flexibility to play and switch qualities seamlessly. This integration allows for a more diverse range of content sources and enhances the platform's overall versatility.

  5. Hotkeys:

    Responding to the need for fast and efficient in-player operations, VibeJs now incorporates hotkeys. These keyboard shortcuts enable users to navigate and control the player with ease, ensuring a smooth and convenient viewing experience.

These enhancements collectively elevate VibeJs to a new level, combining a sleek design with practical features that cater to the dynamic needs of users. With improved aesthetics and functionality, VibeJs stands as a versatile and user-friendly video player, capable of meeting the demands of modern multimedia consumption.

FFMPEG video conversion and playback:

PHPVibe offers a cutting-edge solution for delivering desktop and mobile playable videos across various devices, with a unique and powerful feature � FFMPEG control. This feature allows seamless integration with FFMPEG technology to enhance video processing, thumbnail extraction, and quality conversion. Here's how PHPVibe empowers you with FFMPEG control:

  1. Universal Playback:

    PHPVibe ensures that videos are playable on both desktop and mobile devices, providing a consistent and optimized viewing experience anywhere.

  2. FFMPEG Technology Integration:

    Leveraging FFMPEG technology, PHPVibe extracts essential video information such as duration and thumbnail. Additionally, it allows the conversion of videos into different qualities, ensuring compatibility with various devices.

  3. Admin Panel Control:

    PHPVibe's admin panel grants administrators full control over FFMPEG commands. All commands sent to FFMPEG are editable directly from the admin panel, eliminating the need for manual code edits.

  4. Editable FFMPEG Commands:

    PHPVibe allows users to upload videos in non-playable web formats like .avi or .mpeg. With FFMPEG, these videos can be seamlessly converted into .mp4, a universal format compatible with all devices. The FFMPEG commands for each quality can be customized effortlessly.

  5. Quality Selector:

    The end result of PHPVibe's FFMPEG integration is the delivery of a quality selector to your video player. This feature enables users to choose from multiple video qualities based on their preferences and internet speed.

  6. Customizable Qualities:

    Administrators can select the qualities enabled for video playback, tailoring the viewing experience to match the available internet speed and user preferences.

  7. Effortless Alterations:

    PHPVibe ensures that all aspects of FFMPEG control, including video conversion and quality selection, can be altered effortlessly through the user-friendly admin panel. This flexibility allows for quick adjustments to meet changing requirements.

  8. Adaptability to Internet Speeds:

    PHPVibe's quality selector is designed to provide alternative options, including low-quality alternatives.

    CMS conclusions:

    PHPVibe's primary focus is the seamless handling of multimedia content, with a particular emphasis on videos. Users can effortlessly upload, organize, and manage their video content, extending its utility to images and music as well.

    User Interaction and Social Features:

    Facilitating user engagement and interaction, PHPVibe incorporates features such as commenting systems, social sharing options, and user rating capabilities into its video and multimedia platform.

    Community Building:

    PHPVibe provides tools to foster the creation of an online community around shared content. This includes user profiles, subscriptions, and community forums.

    Customization and Theming:

    Webmasters can personalize the appearance of their PHPVibe-powered websites through code and theming options, allowing for branding and a distinctive look and feel.

    Embedding and Sharing:

    Supporting the embedding of videos on external websites, PHPVibe simplifies content sharing across different platforms. Additionally, it includes a renowned Youtube-API-based video importer.


    Ensuring search engine optimization (SEO) friendliness, PHPVibe incorporates features to optimize content for search engines, thereby enhancing the visibility of videos on the web.

    Monetization Options:

    Certain versions or extensions of PHPVibe feature monetization options, empowering users to generate revenue from their video content through advertising or subscription models.

    1. Universal Compatibility:
      PHPVibe ensures videos are playable across a wide range of devices, delivering a seamless viewing experience on both desktop and mobile platforms.

    2. FFMPEG Integration:
      The integration of FFMPEG technology empowers PHPVibe with advanced video processing, thumbnail extraction, and the ability to convert videos into different qualities for optimal device compatibility.

    3. Admin Panel Empowerment:
      Administrators enjoy full control over FFMPEG commands directly from PHPVibe's user-friendly admin panel, eliminating the need for manual code editing and streamlining the management process.

    4. Editable Commands:
      PHPVibe allows users to upload videos in various non-playable formats, which can be efficiently converted into the universal .mp4 format using customizable FFMPEG commands.

    5. Quality Selector Feature:
      The platform delivers a quality selector to the video player, enabling users to choose from multiple qualities based on their preferences and internet speed.

    6. Customizable Qualities:
      Administrators can effortlessly customize the qualities enabled for video playback, tailoring the viewing experience to match user preferences and internet speed conditions.

    7. Effortless Alterations:
      PHPVibe ensures that all aspects of FFMPEG control, including video conversion and quality selection, can be easily altered through the intuitive admin panel, providing flexibility for dynamic adjustments.

    8. Adaptability to Internet Speeds:
      Caring to diverse internet speeds globally, PHPVibe's quality selector includes low-quality alternatives, guaranteeing an inclusive and user-friendly experience for regions with slower connectivity.

    9. User-Friendly Interface:
      The entire process, from FFMPEG control to video customization, is designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that administrators can manage and tailor their content effortlessly.

    10. Versatile and Adaptive Platform:
      PHPVibe emerges as a versatile and adaptive platform, offering unparalleled control over video management. Its integration of FFMPEG technology makes it a robust choice for delivering high-quality video content across different devices and internet conditions.

    In conclusion, PHPVibe stands out as an exceptional solution for content creators and administrators seeking a powerful, customizable, and user-friendly platform for managing and delivering multimedia content. Its FFMPEG control, combined with features like quality selection and adaptability to varying internet speeds, positions PHPVibe as a comprehensive and forward-thinking video management system.

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